quick update

I will blame my lack of blogging the past few weeks on swimming lessons. They're right after work and by the time we're home, there seem to be plenty of other things to do (and my house still looks like a disaster). But, tonight's the last night, and pretty sure Connor is definitely okay with that.

Can't find Connor? Check the far left corner of the photo. He and Grandpa Tim off doing their own thing (checking out the life guard?).  Oh well, at this point I just care that he's in the water and enjoying himself for the most part. More to come on how swimming lessons went this year :)


Marta said...

Where's Waldo!? I think I spot my brother, Emily and Gracie in there. (That or I am just going crazy and seeing things.)

Conner and Grayson are as cute as ever. Such cute boys.

bryan, christy, connor & grayson said...

You are correct! Faith is there somewhere too, I think by Emily, but so teeny you can't see her :) Was going to do a shout out to you in the post but thought that'd be a little creepy :)