18 months

Connor was officially 18 months yesterday. Wow. 18 months!

Things he's up to now...

-being naughty. Throws his food off of his tray when he's done. Then laughs. NAUGHTY.
-LOVES to go outside
-LOVES bananas, seriously eats on average 1 a day
-plays with his mini dozer, tractor-backhoe, pay loader and road grader all the time
-has a sweet new alligator see-saw...videos/pics coming soon
-has started 'reading' out loud...
-still doesn't say much other than 'uh-oh', occasional mama and dada, 'more' which sounds a lot like 'mama'...and I swear I've heard him say lawn mower, backhoe and yes. (yes, I may be dilusional)
-is into hugging and kissing...it's adorable
-still (knock on wood) is an amazing sleeper and 6/7 nights a week goes down without a peep. Just say 'time for nigh-night Connor' and he starts waving buh-bye to whoever is in the room, grabs his blanket and is ready to head upstairs
-loving bath time again, which makes this SO much easier. Maybe he's ready for a water park??
-has a love of marshmallows, and holds up his index finger when I say 'only one'
-loves to read books with you and can point to most of the animals
-can point to all the 'easy' body parts (tummy, toes, fingers, eyes, ears, hair, etc.)
-has an odd obsession for shoes. We'll be in the kitchen and he'll come in from the card room wearing one of our pairs of shoes (yes, sometimes they're mine) and he walks all around the house in them...
-drinks pretty well out of a cup but I'm still too nervous to just give him them because it'd be a mess :)
-is doing awesome using utensils and refuses any help. Today and yesterday he ate his entire bowls of cereal by himself
-doesn't let me put a bib on him
-doing great at daycare, still gets bit probably 3 days a week, but at least he only cries maybe once or twice in the mornings when I drop him off
-still has that darn nuk...but, at our house, only when he's in his crib. it's to the point where in the mornings when I pick him up out of his crib he pulls his nuk out and whips it (yes, whips) into the crib
-loves to play catch and baseball...altho he has to work on 'watching' the ball
-absolutely makes our day, every day :)

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