Happy Halloween!

Thursday night we had daycare's Halloween Party. It was the same day as his 18 month appt with three shots...so we're blaming that for why he was crabby :) He refused to take pictures right away but eventually we tried again...but the only way he'd do it was to sit in an infant bumbo seat...he thought he was pretty hilarious.

The photographer edited the bumbo to somewhat more of a masculine, skeleton worthy color.
Oh, wondering about the face paint? He LOVED it. I drew a ghost on one cheek. He needed more. Drew another ghost on the other cheek. Needed more. White nose. STILL needed more so he got a ghost on his hand, then we just had to remove him from the face painting area. Ha. Who knew? He just kept coming back to sit on the little chair and would look at me like, what can I get now, mom? Too funny.

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Anonymous said...

He is so cute! I love his facial expressions, they are the best: )