TOG Fall Party

Well, yes, I'm still alive, if any of you are wondering. Just been super busy lately. So, finally getting all my pictures off of my camera and getting life organized. I have the kitchen cleaned, living room picked up, and laundry as caught up as it can get (last load in dryer right now) so I'm feeling good. I FINALLY have no plans this weekend (except sadly missing Sarah's baby shower in LaCrosse :()...and I am thrilled. I need a break from whatever it is I've had every weekend for the past few months. Okay, enough of my complaining. It's been great, just haven't had time to breathe it seems.

Anyhow...totally forgot about these pictures. A few weeks ago Connor and I attended TOG's fall party at McGowan farms in Mankato. It was fun!

Connor found one of his friends from school...hello, friend. Fancy seeing you here.

Trish + Kate

They chased each other around half the night, it was pretty cute.

Obsessed with the hammer power meter thingy...however the hammer was a bit too heavy for him.

And I had to save him from getting in the way multiple times.

Kaitlyn. Loves to pose :)

Aww, mom..

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