Sunday night we got 'ghosted'. How cute is that? The doorbell rang, Bryan went to answer it, thinking it was the boy scout who had been at our door about an hour before but Jay sent him away (ha). Hey, we've purchased a $20 tub of popcorn already from a different boy scout, we're not that cruel. Anyway...so I'm thinking it's the boyscout, I hear the door open, but no sound. Finally I look by the door and Bryan is standing there with an orange bucket in his hand looking around outside. We had been ghosted. He of course was trying to 'catch' the kid...party pooper. So it's a neighborhood thing, the goal is to have the entire neighborhood 'ghosted' by Halloween. So now it's our turn to 'ghost' someone! I love our neighborhood! (maybe this is a normal thing for living in the city...this sure didn't happen in the country growing up!)

Okay, so I staged this. But this is basically what happened. When you 'ghost' someone you're supposed to tape the ghost to the window, leave some treats and RUN.

How did they know Oreo's are the key to my heart?
Fun! I love Halloween!


Erin Barrett said...

In Minneapolis people just come into your house and they take something from you and run off. It's called "robbing".

Joe, Krystal and Ashlyn said...

FUN! You could "gost" us out in rural St Peter :)))

...Love your comment Erin!