we did it!

OMG...we DID IT. We ran a half marathon. And WOW was it HARD. No lie. It was at a state park outside of Faribault, therefore for 11 of the miles we were in the woods in a state park running on wet, leaf covered trails with tree roots sticking up all over and HILLS. Oh my word were there hills.

So no, I did not achieve my goal of running the entire time. I had to walk up the hills, they were crazy, and they just kept coming. Not to whine or complain, but I did certainly not train for hills, even though I should have.

That said, I still did meet my time goal of less than two hours and thirty minutes. Ha, barely...came in at 2:29 something...can't remember. I was focusing on staying standing and not falling over my legs were so tired.

Pictures to come, just thought I'd update you all that we finished :)


SHarstad said...

Christy! I am so impressed and proud. Great work! And makes me feel a little terrible for my 3 miles on the elliptical today. :)

Cullen, Jen and Avery said...

That is awesome Christy! Good for you!

The Nesslers said...

At least you workout Sarah...the closest thing I get to working out is bending over while holding Kate to pick up a nuk. Great for the thighs.
I have no idea how you survived Christy. My chest hurts just thinking of running that far. You are amazing. Good work!

Erin C said...

congrats! That is awesome!

Ryan and Sarah Abbott said...

Way to go Christy! I'm jealous...what an awesome thing to accomplish.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Christy- one day Connor will be waiting at the finish line to cheer you on. Better yet- maybe he will join you in the training -I think running training- big plus in ANY sport.



Whoo Hoo! Go Christy! You're amazing! Next up...marathon. ;)

Awesome job!


Joe, Krystal and Ashlyn said...

AWESOME! Way to go! I don't know if I could even walk that whole thing - seriously! Awesome job!