Race Day

So, let me begin this offical recap of the half marathon with this:

This was one of the most challenging things I have ever done in my life, both physically and mentally. It was hard. So hard. By the end it was difficult to NOT focus on how amazinly painful my legs were (or the fact that I couldn't believe they were still operating), or that the balls of my feet hurt so bad I wanted to take my shoes off or that I just wanted to walk...SO BAD. So bad. I have to give a HUGE thanks to Bibs who stayed with me. Many times I told her to just GO...but she didn't. Then I finally told her that for how many times I told her to go ahead...I was so thankful she stayed :) I'm blaming the hills for most of it. However disappointed I am that I had to walk up some of the hills, it motivates me to find another half marathon. A FLAT half marathon, to see how well I can actually do. So there, that's that. None of us have ANY intention of running that particular course EVER again. :)

Now, for the pictures.

pre-race at Anne's house
Bibs, Anne, me, Erin

pre-race, just after getting our race bibs and trying to warm up, it was 35 degrees I think, but during the run, none of us ever felt cold. Some crazies were even in shorts and tank tops. Crazies.
Oh my gosh, did I mention we had FANS? Well, Erin had fans, but they cheered for the rest of us too. Not going to lie, hearing someone cheer 'Go Christy! Go Christy! Way to go, keep it up!!' at about mile 5 or 6 was AWESOME. Thanks SO much to Randi and Dave, Erin's friend and boyfriend, for making the trek down. Thank you!
(we made them act like they were cheering for this picture)

post-race...smiles of satisfaction

moving around was VERY difficult at this point, our legs were killing us

Erin with her fans

Erin and Dave. So cute. Not going to lie, I think I dreamt that Dave proposed at the finish line...didn't happen, but would have been cute, ha.
So, that's that. The other girls have some more pictures that I'll have to get and post if there are some good ones. We are so proud of ourselves and are all looking forward to doing it again. (again, I mention we'll do it again on a FLAT course)


Erin Barrett said...

Are Dave and Randi yelling or cheering? ha...great pictures. Thank you for posting.

Barb Moore said...

What an awesome accomplishment! WAY TO GO CHRISTY!

Ariane said...

Great job Christy!! That is a tough course but its gotta feel fantastic to know you can push your body that way and a gratifying to say you finished. Good luck on the next one!

Megan said...

What a great accomplishment, Christy! You're success will be motivation to me - my goal for now is to run a 5k. I have always hated running, so this has definitely been interesting so far. Congrats to you!!!! :)