End of Summer Get Together

Saturday Bryan and I hosted a little 'end of summer get together'...and maybe I should retract 'little' as there were literally 101 people here. 101 people! Geesh. I'm not even sure I knew that many people.
Aaron parking the tractor for the hayride. Apparently was having difficulty backing up the trailer...

So Bryan had to take over. Who also couldn't back it up. So he made a circle in the cul-de-sac. I LOVE the sky in this photo. It was such a beautiful day!

Go figure. He flipped out when he saw there was a tractor.

The Bode Boys
(Bryan's brother Jeff was home, perfect timing!!)

Anne's senior photo.

Attempt at a Bode family shot. Connor, not cooperating.


"What? Seriously, what? Do I have something on my face?"

My brother, Joe and wife, Krystal

Sam. GREAT photo Mary!

Colin. This also could be a senior portrait...in a few years.

Getting ready for the hayride!


Beersbi...I have yet to play. Seems pretty entertaining...however unfortunatly may or may not lead to trips to the ER...

Pork on a stick!
Who knew it would be like a mini-state fair?
I should have taken a photo of the food table. WOW. Our friends and family are such amazing cooks! Bryan and I admitted yesterday to hiding a certain raspberry pie in the fridge inside and 'forgot' to set it out when we started eating. Oops.
Yes, we're aware her dress is tucked in...it was getting in the way of playing on the steps :)

Ashlyn and Grammie

Hayride time! Of course Connor would need to help drive.

and they're off...

Pork loin sandwhich grilling courtesy of Brothers Boneless Grill. YuM!

Serious Kate!

Carson, all smiles!

Watching the men play a game of whiffle ball in the backyard.
Thank you to everyone for making the party a success! We had a great time and hope everyone else did too! It was SUCH a beautiful day!
I heard more than once...'so now you have to do it annually'...time will tell :)


Anonymous said...

We had a lot of fun at the party! Thanks for including us. Cute pictures too! I can never catch Carson smiling. He looks like a mess in that picture (juice stained shirt). Oh well. Him and Kate almost look like they could be twins - blonde hair blue eyed babies. Too cute. Thanks again.
krista kettner

Randi said...

looks like fun! Connor is getting soo big!

Anonymous said...

Photos all too nice- and what a nice day! Connor will love looking back on all the tractor photos one day. G/G B