Made it!

We officially made it to California! I guess I should have known this, but President Obama was in the cities yesterday afternoon...which translates directly to every flight in and out of the twin cities being delayed. We were delayed an hour and a half. We were just sitting at our gate and all of a sudden it's PACKED with people standing up watching out the window, then a tiny glimpse of a plane taking off...then someone goes 'there he goes'. I was like, what, was the President here? Someone next to me goes, um, yes. (like, didn't you know?)

Regardless, we got to San Fancisco, got our rental car, drove down to the piers, shopped a little, ate at the Crab House, then headed to (of course running into the traffic leaving the Giants game...geez, our luck) our hotel which is in Livermore, where the wedding at.

Today the plan is to head back so San Francisco and do more walking and shopping, then back to Livermore for the wedding! Can't wait.

Pictures today!

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