connor is on vacation.

Did I mention Connor is on vacation from the real world? And LOVING it? Daycare is closed this week, and don't get me wrong, he loves daycare (or so I think)...but nothing beats hanging out with the grandparents and I'm sure getting spoiled ROTTEN. :) So the last three days he has been at Nate & Cheryl's (Bryan's parents), tomorrow is spending all day with my mom and then I took off work on Friday. I have pictures to post of some tree trimming adventures with Nate & Cheryl and I'm sure I'll have some from mom tomorrow.

Also, we have a major landscaping project underway. The crew came yesterday and seriously, seemed to basically FINISH the entire project! Crazy. A guy was sick today, otherwise they would have finished today. Nuts. I'll have more about this soon, lots and lots of before, during and after tomorrow, offical 'after' photos.

This weekend plans? Nothing. Kind of bums me out. But that's ok. Bryan has his annual boys golfing trip up north so it'll just be me and Connor. We'll find something to do I'm sure.

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The Nesslers said...

You have bocce sunday...mark your calendar