2nd hair cut

My mom had Connor on Thursday this past week and she took him to get a much needed hair cut. He also, no suprise, loved to watch the landscapers work and was a big help to my mom watering the new shrubs.

pre-cut...little into the eyes I guess. :)

Sorry, normally it turns photos...not sure why it's not doing it now.
Watching the landscapers.

Bribed by a marshmallow to sit nicely for the hair cut. Although he apparently refused to wear the cape.Which doesn't surprise me since he doesn't let me put a bib on at home.

All done. And looking like he's at least 3 years old (yes, aside from his height)
Sad. But needed, and still cute.


Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh so cute! Looks like he did well sitting for the "clip."
Good job, Connor! All ready for school.


Kari Kettner said...

Last time I tried to post, the photos did the same thing... Grr.

Erin C said...

Hair cuts make them look so much older :( But still adorable!