tonight's gonna be a good, good night! [bocce 2009]

And that it was, a good, good night. (and we may have heard that song 15-20 times?) Sunday we were invited to the 8th annual Magers bocce ball tournament (this is our 2nd year attending). It was a blast! I was a little bummed as I didn't make the championship flight (was the champ last year :)) but Bryan did and ended up getting third.

giving props to my husband with my fancy cup.

mary and ang

matt (host) and em.
Em, I believe you owe me a night of babysitting...let me know if you don't remember this conversation :)
adam and mary. Everyone knew I was taking the picture, Adam included, but Mary was a little unsure where to smile towards.

um, we'll call this the 'boa constrictor'

Adam. aka Gilligan.

Ben. I swear, everytime I had the camera in his direction, he knew it. I am sure this was supposed to be candid. Oh well. :)

dance dance revolution.

the jump rope. pose 1.
(notice, he's off the ground)
Really getting into it. He just needs some braids and maybe an actual rope.

the finale.
definite perks to Jay's new job as a salesman for Locher Brothers...
this rocked.

Bryan during his championship flight.

the entire championship flight.

Ben found the camera again.

jay and ang. cute!

Ang being a good wife to a Locher Brother salesman :)

my bff jill and I

em and ang

the awards ceremony.

3rd place champs
Krissy & Bryan

here come the 2009 champs!

Jean and Adam...2009 Champs.

Group photo

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Emily said...

Haha... love the post. I don't remember the conversation, but I'm up for babysitting Connor anytime.:) P.S. Would love to hear about that conversation.