morning fun

The mornings this past weekend have been fun for Connor and I. He absolutely LOVES to be outside, so we were probably out there by 7 every morning. By Sunday morning, he'd go get the paper on the driveway, bring it to me on the steps where I would read it, and he'd proceed to roll his cars down the driveway or play in the rocks. Amazingly self-entertaining and fun to watch at the same time.

We didn't even have time to get dressed, still in pjs.

He pushes the red car from about half way down the driveway and watches it roll into the cul-de-sac. Thankfully, even though it gets going pretty fast, it always stops about where you see it in the photo. Problem is, he can't get it back up the driveway because there is a 2-3" lip.

The poor car.

Playing in the new rocks. He oddly puts a rock or two in the shovel, then puts it wherever he's loading up at the time. Back of his car, hood of his other car, buckets, etc.

He's finally tall enough to get into doors. The only door of concern is the office since he could easily make a mess of everything in there, but it doesn't seem to interest him. Nothing schocking there.

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