saturday recap.

Connor and I had a pretty good day today! He woke up at about 6:30 and we were up and watering the shrubs by 7. Then he went over to Madelyn's to play while I ran, came back had lunch, napped for nearly 3 hours (I snuck a little nap in there too!) got up, played some more outside, went for a little bike ride, drove around and visited with the Sizer's for a few hours, came back, ate, bathed and he was in bed by 7! Little guy was tuckered out.

He's definitely trying more to vocalize...especially animal sounds. He almost has 'woof woof' and 'meow' down. Okay, maybe only I can tell the different between his standard 'eh' and the new sounds. Ha. Either way, he's trying :) Only a few more days until he's immersed into a world of kids that speak TONS of words.

Anyway, today was a great, relaxing and low key day. Bryan sounds like he's having a great time up north. They golfed 45 holes yesterday and 36 today. Wow. That's a lot. I believe one round tomorrow (maybe 1.5?) and they head home. Connor is going to go out to G&G Bode's for the afternoon/overnight so Bryan and I can go to the annual Mager's bocce party. Should be fun!

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