mmm mmm good.

Connor LOVES sweet corn. Gets excited when you start taking the husks off, has to watch them boil and then devours them off of the cob. I'm not sure he quite gets that you don't have to bite into it like a sandwich, that you're just trying to get the pieces of corn off, no deeper...or, maybe he does get it, and just wants to make sure he gets every ounce of yellow deliciousness.

For awhile there...he probably got corn every night. I'm sure the daycare ladies were wondering if we were ever going to switch up the menu...if you know what I mean.

Okay, so maybe he hasn't noticed that I put some in front of him yet...really, he loves it.

Oh yeah. Mom, when did you sneak this in here?

Oh, and he does try and say 'mmm mmm'. Pretty cute.

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