San Francisco Fun

As I've mentioned, mom and I went to California the other weekend for a high school friend's wedding. We arrived Saturday night and had just enough time to go to the wharf and eat some crab. Yum! Sunday morning we drove back into San Francisco (hotel and wedding were in Livermore, about 40 miles East of San Fran) to shop and walk around. It was a great morning! The weather was not too hot, little foggy (no shocker), but overall great. The wharf is so fun! Pier 39 is where we spent most of our time and I'm sure that's where most of the tourists go. I've been to San Francisco twice now and if I ever get back I WILL tour Alcatraz. I have a weird obsession about it, I even did a paper on it in like 7th grade. Ha. We did get Connor a little inmate shirt...daycare will surely be impressed.

Mom and I on Pier 39

Sea lions! Wow. I watched these guys for a long time. I had no idea. Huge attraction of course, little smelly and yeah, just odd.

The Rock!

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