baby #2

As you're probably already aware, we are expecting baby #2 in March. I was officially 14 weeks this past Tuesday so we're moving right along. It's easier for me to just list things out...so I'll now bore you with every detail (ha, not TOO many details) that I can of, mostly for my sake so I can remember it someday. Sorry no cute picture of Connor in a big brother t-shirt and I haven't scanned in the ultrasound pictures yet (which really are just a little blob at 9 weeks). I tried to think of other creative ways to announce on the blog and clearly didn't think of any. So all you get is this list.

-Found out the Monday of 4th of July weekend. For how badly I wanted another baby, it surprisingly took me a long time to start getting excited. Absolutely we are blessed, but I think it was in the height of Bryan's crazy season, he wasn't getting home til 9 or later and I was wondering how the heck I'm going to be able to do this with two children. Don't worry, we are pretty excited now (and always have been, but yeah...there might have been some emotional discussions, blame it on the pregnancy, right?).
-I did not tell Bryan in any cute or creative way, either. We had just gotten home from Al and Mary's cabin and I went to take a test while Bryan was unpacking the car. Came out to the garage with the test and said well...we're having a baby. Sorry, no kodak moment there.
-The first 8 weeks took forever. I'm overly paranoid as it is, but the time between the first and second appointments went so slow and I was just so anxious to hear that heartbeat again. But all was well at both appointments.
-Dr. Gildner is no longer in Mankato which is a huge bummer, but we did get into Dr. Taylor who I really like, but is notorious for being late and behind and I'm 2 for 2 on my appointments being behind.
-Not a fan of insurance right now. With Connor's pregnancy all prenatal visits, labs, ultrasounds, etc., were fully covered. I've already received bills for over $800 with this pregnancy. Not cool. (I don't think it would be quite this high, but I had to be re-tested for gestational diabetes so that was another $300 ish). So, yeah, not a fan.
-We were originally thinking our due date was March 15th, but at our first appointment the baby was measuring an entire week later so he moved our due date to the 8th of March. If you ask me...I'm not entirely sure if that's possible, but whatever. Obviously just planning ahead that we'll go well past our due date.
-Connor has no idea how much his life is going to change, but he's been good about 'giving' his crib to the baby, his old dresser, etc. And if you ask him if he wants a baby sister or a baby brother, he just picks the second option you list. Oh, but he hasn't fallen for if we should give his nuk to the new baby, bummer.
-I am finally starting to feel better. I never actually got 'sick', but never felt great. If I got out of bed too fast I had to pause for a moment, etc. This could have been so much worse, but I didn't have any symptoms like that with Connor so it was all new to me.
-Lost 6 lbs from my first to second appointment, which was great. The doctor was trying to make sure I wasn't worried, and I assured him that I knew it was just fine. Unfortunately I have plenty stored up for the little 'parasite' :)
-I forgot how difficult it was hiding pregnancy those early weeks. Summer is hard with volleyball, parties, weddings, etc. The worst is when people suspect you're pregnant, but they try to offer you drink after drink after drink anyways. Most everyone we're close to had a pretty good idea but always just nervous to officially announce until after that second appointment.
-I am unable for the life of me able to think of a name for a boy. Yes, we have lots of time, but I'm out of ideas and have started looking at other people's birth announcements at work for ideas. Options from yesterday at work were 'Guy' and 'Willy Wally'. No lie.
-Oh, and no, we won't be finding out the sex. But I had a dream that I told the ultrasound technician to wink at me on our way out of the appointment if it was a girl and I think she did (again, in my dream, we haven't had this appointment in real life yet). The good 'ol string test says boy, girl and done so we will see. I'm sure I'm bound to have all boys, which with this one, it'd be essentially the same season as Connor was and we could reuse all of Connor's clothes and there are certainly some that I just loved or that he barely even wore.
-I'm already having problems sleeping and it's annoying. I either wake up anywhere from 1-3am every night and am WIDE awake or have to get up to go the bathroom 2-3 times and can't get back to sleep. For how often I say I want three children (Bryan says the third wouldn't be his so not sure on that I guess...), I think I said to myself last night, why would I want to do this again?
-I am really excited to go nuts on decorating the nursery. From the post a few days ago, you can see I never really completed Connor's so I want to try and actually finish this one. It's been a goal of mine anyways to start completing rooms in our house and I think I'll start with the nursery. My aunt Mary has AWESOMELY agreed to making the bedding since I'm stuck on orange and can't find any bedding. My friend Anne and I have been on a hunt for fabric (her mom is making her bedding) and I think we finally found it. Who knew it would be that hard to find fabric!
-I've already popped a little, which is a little frustrating but everyone says how you start showing sooner with the second. So, no big deal. My friend Sarah had borrowed a bunch of my clothes and she's returning them next weekend at Scrapfest (this is your official reminder, Sarah :)). Hopefully I don't have to purchase much since it's essentially the same season as Connor's pregnancy however I did splurge and get a few things this past weekend, oops.
-I think that's all I can think of right now, but at least I can start blogging about it now that it's officially gone public :) We're obviously pretty excited. My next appointment isn't until I'm 18.5 weeks then we'll schedule the big ultrasound, then it'll probably start feeling a little more real.

Wow that was long, if you made it this far, promise any future posts related to the pregnancy will be more exciting :)


Anonymous said...

Congrats Bode family!! You'll do just fine with 2 kids. A little overwhelming maybe at first (especially being home yourself with them with the guys' busy jobs - I know the feeling) but so fun to have kids so close in age. Carson and Madison are best buds already. Excited for you guys!!
Krista, Bran, Carson and Madison

Randi said...

Congrats Christy!! how exciting! :)

Mel said...
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Mel said...

Congrats! So happy for you guys! How exciting! :)

Anonymous said...

there is 1 grandpa bode that is very excited about another grandchild deal just 1 thing i need to get bryan's 2 brothers going how the heck else will we ever catch g and g loula??!!!

Erin C said...

Congratulations! How exciting!!!!!

Megan & Andy said...

Congrats Christy! I think it's funny that Bryan says the 3rd kid won't be his...Andy says the same thing! We will see when we actually start having kids... :)

Amber said...

Congrats Loula!!!! SO excited for you! I NEVER get tired of reading your blogs! Love ya and miss ya!

Amber said...

Congrats Loula!!!! SO excited for you! I NEVER get tired of reading your blogs! Love ya and miss ya!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Bodes!! How exciting, life really changes when you have that second one!! Keep us updated with the blog.
Heather Hulke

Anonymous said...

Finally!! And my does news travel- I was already congratulated numerous times.(There are alot of people read the blog)

Well, we are excited for sure and hope and pray all goes well. Connor seems to be "in training" for that new one that will arrive before you know it. Wouldn't it be great if "it" came a couple days early -on Bryan's B.D?

Congrats All! L, G. B

Luke said...

Crazy. We are due with number 2 the end of February. And Cherith is due in March too. Must be that age where everyone is popping out kids or something.

Amanda Christ said...

Yeah!!! We are so excited to hear the news. Can't wait to see if the stork will bring you a boy or a girl!! Suprises are the best.