visit to the farm

Bryan, Connor and I stopped at my old neighbor Marlin's house the other night. I grew up next to Marlin and spent many, many days there helping in the field (or at least I thought I was helpful), helping in the garden, picking up eggs, etc. We saw him a month or so ago and he mentioned he had baby peacocks and that we should stop by sometime, so we did.

the babies

looking at all of the geese, ducks, pheasants and peacocks Marlin had

terrible photo, but one of the adult peacocks

having fun with his new peacock feather

We certainly need to make our visits to Marlin more frequent, I think he enjoys it, too!

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Anonymous said...

I am sure he does enjoy your visits Christy. You are like his "own." Bet Connor had fun too- we did see peacocks at Schells Park when we took Connor in the summer-did he remember what you call them? L, G/G B