steele county fair

A few weekends ago Connor, Bryan, Aaron and I went to the Steele County Fair in Owatonna. My parents met us there as well. I had never been to this fair, but supposedly it's the biggest county fair in all of Minnesota. It did not disappoint.

Shocker, pictures of Connor sitting on equipment.

I'm not sure. I think he really liked how the horse's mane was done up.

Funny picture if you don't see Connor in there.

Dad's competitiveness came out a little bit and challenged the boys.

Dad won.

We will definitely be making the Steele County Fair an annual event. It's free (well, no entrance fee), tons of food vendors, tons of animals, a huge carnival and more.

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Heidi, Jesse, and the boys said...

Connor looks so big! He's definitely more toddler now.