i wanna ride in the skid loader

right now!

This is what I heard ALL weekend. Bryan had his annual golfing trip with Craig, Aaron and Trav and conveniently had a skid loader parked in our driveway the entire time. Which is great for Connor. Not so great for me. I couldn't even begin to count how many times he needed to go look out the window while trying to go to sleep to look at it just one more time. Or ask me if he could ride in the skid loader. It got just a little bit old after three days of it. When I would ask him how long he was going to sit in it, he'd say 'two days'. Ha. So FINALLY on Monday he got to be with Bryan in it all day working at Aaron's new house.

I tried to compare it to Bryan if we have a daughter someday and I was gone for the weekend and all she wanted to do ALL WEEKEND LONG was have him help her comb Barbie's hair. I think he understood :)

Bryan's truck wouldn't start for some reason, so they drove it to Aaron's house. Another blog to come about Aaron's house, we're pretty excited to have him so close!

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