the bergen experience

A few weeks ago, two other couples + Bryan and I took a road trip to the Bergen bar in Windom, MN. It's about an hour south of Mankato, basically in the middle of no where. This is this group's second road trip to Bergen (aside from Jay, who was terribly sick the first time we went) and yet again, it was a fabulous time. By fabulous, I mean I think we were laughing the entire 4 hours we were together, aside from when we were devouring our amazing 22 ounce ribeye steaks, twice baked potatoes, drinks (pop and water for Ang and I of course) and more. (Bryan and I's tab came to $40 something, no lie, this place is a diamond in the rough)

The highlight of the trip might have been the flooding. No, the flooding was not a good thing, but it provided us some good entertainment as we attempted to find an open road to the bar and eventually, just had to go for it. I'm sure none of you will enjoy this video as much as those of us that went, probably a 'had to be there' situation, but it made me laugh all over again. And obviously I have no movie making skills, ha, as you'll easily notice, but it was still fun to put together.

Oh, and then to top it off, Ang introduced me to this video on the way home and we had to watch it a few times, once again, unable to control our laughter. You really have to watch the entire thing.

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SHarstad said...

Why does it not surprise me that Ang found this video... :)