potty training.

Well, Friday night I had this big potty training post ready to go, basically my top ten reasons why I hate potty training (began drafting after cleaning two pairs of shoes and then poop out of multiple pairs of underwear from the day so you can about imagine the tone of my top 10).

Knock on wood...things have gone VERY well since then.

Yesterday, he went on the toilet six times and only had one accident (and we were at my brother's house, I am almost sure he would have gone on the toilet if we were home). Today has been good as well, 4 times on the toilet so far. Still wearing a diaper for naps and bedtime, but it's going well over the weekend.

So, hopefully we're on our way. I've probably increased my patience level as well, apparently I was expecting him to just 'get it' when he was ready, but really, it's only day 4 today of wearing underwear all day.

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