lambeau field

This past weekend Bryan and 5 other guys made the trek to Green Bay for the Packers/Vikings game. Obviously we all know how it turned out, and the weather was pretty crappy, but they had a good time and Bryan enjoyed touring Lambeau field and of course I'm sure they enjoyed the tailgating :)

Bryan's view from the top of their RV. Kmart and Lambeau.
Having never been to Green Bay myself, I still find it wrong that there's a Kmart, since it is the headquarters for ShopKo you know :) (and of course my years of working at ShopKo have me still being loyal...well unless there's a Target nearby)

Bryan's tour guide. This is exactly what I would expect of a Lambeau Field tour guide.


Again, such a bummer of a game but they still had a good time.

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Erin Barrett said...

Hey I was at the game too! And I tailgated next to Kmart, Small world! Well, not really I guess since we were both in Green Bay, but still!