BIG dump truck

Bryan's brother, Aaron, also works in the construction industry and has always wanted for Connor to see the equipment that he runs. Friday, Grandma and Grandpa Bode picked up Connor from school in the morning as Aaron's company was moving equipment from one site to the next...and apparently, due to the size of the equipment, it's quite the process. Connor of course LOVED it and was upset (read: meltdown) that he wasn't able to get a ride in it. All we heard about last night was the two BIG dump trucks that Aaron drives.

So this morning we were able to get escorted into the pit he works at and go for a few rides, I even had to sport a hard hat and neon vest, no pictures, sorry. To date, my favorite piece of construction or farm equipment is the giant sprayers that have wheels six feet tall...however...the equipment that Aaron runs is definitely battling for that top position. It's like excavation equipment on steroids.

Unfortunately I don't have a picture of the loader tractor that loads this thing, but hopefully you can about imagine. In case you can't see, Aaron is holding Connor.

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