uncooperative and non-photogenic

According to the ultrasound tech, that's our new baby. Great :)

But for a decent baby update, all is well, as far as we know. Had a doctor appointment on the 8th and all was well there, heart rate about 150-160. I think the doctor thinks its funny women ask, because, myself included, we're really just trying to guess the gender, ha. No idea what Connor's heart rate was but it did slow down into the 130-140 range near the end of the pregnancy.

Then this past Thursday we had our 'big' ultrasound. Appointment went well, not sure the tech would say either way I guess, but she sounded cheery, ha. She did struggle getting the pictures she needed for both the doctor and us. She said baby was completely flipping positions constantly and was hanging out beneath my belly button which they're unable to see with the equipment due to the air there. So, below are some, might I say, terrible photos of little baby b.

We did not find out the gender, however the entire morning before the appointment I was very much reconsidering this decision, but I'm glad I didn't. Connor thinks it's a boy, no matter how you ask (used to always pick the second option, however you phrased it), Bryan thinks it's a girl (I think he just wants to be done after two, ha) and I have no idea, however I'm leaning more towards boy. Obviously, a healthy baby is the most important thing :)

Ultrasounds creep me out a little bit. Like look at this. All I think of is ET or the aliens from the movie Signs.

Foot. Surrounded by a giant placenta. (no idea if it's really giant or not, but I've been googling it, ha, appears to not be a terrible thing if it is oversized, or at least I hope).
The tech wasn't planning on giving us this photo, hence the caption 'trans placenta' but she was unable to get another picture of a foot the rest of the time so she went back in her picture stash for the doctor to give us this one.

Don't be alarmed, baby is just showing off that it can signal 'four' and tuck the thumb in.
And that's really it. I have about 20 more, but they are worse than the above.

Officially half way there this Tuesday, a little crazy to think about that. Next appointment will be sometime in the first few weeks of November.

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Luke said...

We just had our ultrasound appointment last week. The tech was able to get some good alien shots as well. We had her look to see if she could tell and she said fairly confidently it was a boy...but based on what she was looking at, we would of had no clue. Hopefully it wasn't her first day :). I mean it is only 11 ounces right now...how obvious can it really be.

p.s. I am now also torturing Sherry with the 'if its a boy we can be done' stuff too.