grayson: eleven months

Mr. G is eleven months old today and you how that makes me feel? BEHIND on his first birthday party planning!! Geesh. I have the theme (monsters) and have collected some ideas (see my Pinterest board) and for awhile, I was feeling really on top of it. But since all I've done is collect ideas and not start working on anything, I feel behind. So, definitely need to get working on that! It'll be a joint party with Connor, should be fun!

So, things Mr. G is up to this month.

-finally started crawling! He's still not very speedy, and if you go too far away from him he gets whiny, but, definitely on the go.
-starting to pull himself up onto things, but only onto his knees, not standing yet. He'll stand there if we put him up to it, but can't get up on his own (kind of how I feel in my pilates class....haha)
-still only two teeth but considering he's been home from school since Monday afternoon with a fever and no other real symptoms or anything, I'm severely hoping this means more are on the way. I think I can somewhat feel them coming in on top, but he doesn't really enjoy me digging around in his mouth.
-18 month clothes
-even though he only has two teeth, he's become a lot better at eating solid foods and mushing them enough. His favorite of late is pizza. Loves it. Can babies have pizza? Ha.
- needs a haircut. Hope to achieve this after vacation.
-loves his mama.
-loves his daddy and his brother, but really loves his mama
-loves music, far more than Connor ever did. When a song comes on in church he starts bobbing up and down, pretty cute
-still our lovable and extra cuddly baby boy that we love to pieces! Can't believe he's nearly one!

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