We got home today from our wonderful Florida vacation. We had such a nice time and Connor had so much fun! It was also amazing to get home and see my baby Grayson. And of course it looks like he's aged a few months, grew a whole bunch (out, not up, ha), crawls a little faster and talks a lot more! He was all smiles and cuddles though. He's also at the moment fighting sleeping in his crib...not so hard of a decision to just let him sleep with us tonight :)

So, at least one more post (depends how many photos I want to bore you with) on Florida coming soon :)

Oh, and how quickly we forget that before we left, 30s and 40s were great....now....I want to put on a gazillion layers and sip hot cocoa by the fire. Doesn't help that our furnace didn't work when we got home...

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