project 52 | week 3: circle

Week two of Project 52: circle.

I'd say this was a little easier of a word this week although I still didn't capture what I had thought I was going to. I play volleyball twice a week and was thinking of doing a cool shot of a volleyball, but, never brought my camera to either of my games so there went that idea. Then today was treat day at work to celebrate a few birthdays there this week and conveniently my co-worker, Michelle, brought in some amazingly tasty and adorable treats and guess what? They were cut out to be little circles :)

Challenge: Circle
Subject: Mini Brownie Bites
Skill: I wasn't really going after a particular skill. One of these times I really want to focus on the composition of the photo, I like where this shot was going, but I sometimes forget to really look at the overall composition of the photo. Maybe next week :)

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