Bryan and one of his employees have been busy in the garage (don't worry, nights and weekends) building some official storage units. Bryan is very particular about having his spaces be clean and tidy (funny how that doesn't carry over to his clothes thrown on the floor, dishes, etc. :)) and didn't like putting anything in the garage because there were no shelves, etc. Fortunately we have super high ceilings in the garage so they built these awesome cubby type things. Bryan has gone a little crazy putting I swear everything in our house up there, but, at least it's all nice and contained :) I bribed Louis (the guy helping Bryan) into making me some awesome crates, too!

My beloved crates. I won't lie, I am more excited about these than the storage units :)

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Anonymous said...

Ok christy when you say bryan and louie were building the shelves you actually mean just louie with bryan going out every once in a while to see how things are going. Come on christy you can report the truth:)