project 52 | week 6: yellow

Week six of Project 52: yellow.

Thought it'd be SUPER simple to find something yellow while in Florida, but we were we on the go nearly the entire week and I swear I didn't see much yellow. I was planning on trying to catch the sunrise or sunset or something with the sun, but didn't make that happen, either :) So, you're stuck with Luigi.

Challenge: Yellow
Subject: Luigi from Cars
Skill: Extreme sunlight. I had a really hard time seeing if the photos were turning out when looking at the back of my camera (I know, I know, rookie...) so I felt like I was just crossing my fingers that when I got back to a computer some of them would turn out. Not saying I succeeded, but they didn't turn out too horrible.

Next week (this week?) is our choice...not going to lie, might just go to the random word generator myself and have it pick a word for me :)

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