Well, it's time we upgrade to 3t clothing. The bad mom in me...we're kind of jumping from 18 month right to 3t (don't kid yourself, he'll probably be in 2t pants til he's 4). So, it's nice to finally see some shirts that fit a little better :)

Little man is growing up so fast.

Oh, and I also refuse to buy size 5 diapers because I'm so mad that they put like 20 less diapers in the box for the same price. What is he supposed to be potty training already and using less diapers? What, he's not supposed to have a nuk at his age? How come no one gave me this giant list of LAWS for parenting when he was born? :)


Anonymous said...

You didn't get one from other parents? I'll send mine over to you. -Angela

The Nesslers said...

What fun would a list be?? A nuk is not going to kill him....although snug diapers...yowzers!