it's that time of year again...

A week or so ago Bryan got the lawn mower out of the sub-garage and into the garage. We've been pretty successful at getting to school okay in the mornings walking by it...last year that was a BIG issue. (he'd have to get up on it, or be VERY mad at me if I wouldn't let him and forced him into his car seat). So, I thought we were doing well.

Then, I took him for a walk tonight and of course one of our neighbor's kids has a battery operated John Deere gator...which, he immediately decided that the kid had his own lawn mower and how incredibly unfair that was. He had to get out of the stroller and just stand on the side walk watching the kid saying 'lawn mower' over and over again. Needless to say our walk was cut short, and all through dinner he was crying 'lawn mower' when he wasn't taking a bite. This got a little old...

FINALLY, Bryan got out the lawn mower and gave him a ride. All good for an hour til bath time and bed time, then the 'lawn mower' whining started once again. Now I can hear him up in his crib saying 'hi daddy' every time Bryan crosses the driveway with the lawnmower.

I guess it's better than whining.

Can't wait to remind him someday of this obsession when he's complaining that he has to mow the lawn after school. Is 2 years old too young to get him a battery operated riding toy? No idea, but, considering we didn't buy him a birthday present last year, or haven't bought him Christmas presents either year...we're probably due.

(sorry for the terribly dark pic, he's on there, I swear)

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