photos from the cruise...

Finally, some proof we actually DID go on vacation (aside from the video of Bryan jumping off a bridge).

Our stateroom.

Day 1 was our only day at sea. Not an empty pool chair to be found.

Our room faced the front of the ship, so it was kind of cool to see us coming to port. 5 of the days I watched us come into port from the workout center, so that was kind of cool.

Truly amazing how large these ships are.


More Barbados.

Resort where Tiger Woods got married. (Barbados)
Sorry, it's as close as we got.

St. Lucia

The Pitons in St. Lucia

Active volcano in St. Lucia. If you watched the last season of the Bachelor (with puke Jake and biotch Vienna), this is where Jake and Vienna had their last one on one date.

Diamond Waterfall in St. Lucia.

The towel animal on our last day.

Formal night (one of them)

Surprisingly, that's about all of the pictures I have.
I tried to find my daily journal/recap, but can't (it's somewhere in my stash of 'memorabilia' in case I ever scrapbook the trip someday), so someday I'll post where we all went and what we did. But not today :)

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