the birthday party

(warning, there are a LOT of pictures in this post)

Connor's birthday party was a huge success. He took an awesome 2.5+ hour nap right before so it gave us plenty of time to decorate and get things ready. He loved all of his gifts and is one LUCKY boy to have such loving family! Thank you to everyone who helped him celebrate turning "do"!

We opened gifts shortly after everyone arrived and with the help of cousin Ashlyn, he uncovered some awesome new toys. A table and deck chairs, a new barn full of animals, a backhoe, lots and lots of adorable clothes, some new books and more. Have I mentioned he's a little spoiled? Oh and his 'lawn mower'. Bryan and I were nearly to the point of regretting the purchase since it was IMPOSSIBLE to get him off of it as soon as he received it, even to the point of having to do birthday cake in the back of it. I was VERY nervous for Monday morning, getting him from the house to my car to get to school since Sunday went horribly trying to get to church. Pretty sure he whined 'lawn mower' throughout the entire service. That said, we are so proud of how quickly he is catching on to driving it! I'm sure it's a normal 2 year old accomplishment, but we're just amazed that he can back up, maneuver in and out of the garage, etc. It took a little, but he caught on!

So, lots of pictures of him on the gator along with cousin Ashlyn. He had to remind Ashlyn a few times to hang on, she got a little excited :) Safety first :) Ha.

I love this last photo...except he looks SO grown up :(
Thank you again to everyone that made his day special!


Erin Barrett said...

That cake is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great party, Connor- we had a great time! You are quite the chauffeur already!
Great photos -Christmas is only 8 mo. away :)

Thank you again Bryan & Christy for a special BIRTHDAY party.

L, G&G B