things we do when we're two

So, I haven't done one of these in awhile, figured I should document something :)

Here's what Connor is up to these days:

-Still going to daycare everyday, highlights being that they go outside as much as possible, which means shoes full of sand and baths everything
-Speaking of baths, hates them. Which is super annoying. (I think this is due to the fact that we're not making it up to the tub til about 7:30 and he's already tired, and that we probably had to peel him off of his lawn mower to get him into the tub)
-Eats most everything. Loves peanut butter toast and fruit snacks the most.
-Repeating everything you say
-Saying two to three word sentences such as "I do it" (ha, does that count?), "Is daddy home?" (asks everyday on the way home from school), "Where's Connor's X"? (yes, he speaks in third person), and more. He's definitely still doing mostly one to two words at a time tho. We're loving it tho and still make him say words that we think are cute. Ha.
-LOVES being outside
-Freaks out with joy when he sees Bryan pull up into the driveway, and OMG if Bryan has a trailer on the truck...watch out. Freak out x 10 (like uncontrollable laughter, jumping around, etc., someday I'll get it on video)
-Sleeping like a champ, some mornings he doesn't even want to get up (not surprised, I think he gets that from me), I'll ask if I should go shower and he nods his head yes and lays back down. Unless we're running late and I persuade him with peanut butter toast...
-STILL has the darn nuk. Well, I shouldn't be surprised since we're doing nothing to start taking it away. Bedtime and naptime. Daycare doesn't love this.
-Obsessed with untying every shoe in the house.
-Loves his new barn with animals in it.
-Of course loves his lawn mower and we drive it everyday after school
-Points out every semi, train and body of water while we're in the car. And of course any heavy equipment. If I don't acknowledge him immediately, he yells "MAMA, SEMI!"
-Obsessed with his new bike shirts, asks for them every morning and then it's a struggle since I either don't have them washed or he wore them the previous day.
-Loves his nightly ice cream snack, or popcorn. (promise you we feed him fruits, too. Can't promise the veggie thing...someday I'll get better at that)

I'm sure I'm forgetting things but that's about what I can think of right now. He is such a joy and we still fight over who gets to get him out of his crib when he gets up from a nap if we're both around. (yes, I'm sure all of you parents with more than one child are laughing at us)

We love you, Connor :)

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