trailer frustration

Today at daycare one of the teachers had a story to tell me about his day (I winced, thinking he was hitting all of the kids today or had something wrong with him, but she assured me it was good).

At one point while outside they pulled out the bikes/trikes and Connor LOVES the bikes. Then they pulled out the wheelbarrows, which he immediately started calling a 'trailer' and was very sure they were trailers so the staff just let it go. Then, they noticed he was trying to attach the trailer (wheelbarrow) to the bike. Over and over again. He'd put the handle of the trailer on the back of the bike, get on the bike and move forward. To his severe disappointment EVERY time, the trailer never stayed connected. The teacher said she and another staff member watched for about 10 amusing minutes until he got too frustrated. Then they brought out some masking tape for him and officially connected the two :) I can imagine the look on his face when 'he' finally got it to work!

Probably not as cute/funny of a story for you all, but I was pretty amused. I can completely see him trying this over and over again, and fun how we have a bike trailer at home as well as he helped Bryan hook up Bryan's new work trailer to his truck last night! So quickly they learn!

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The Nesslers said...

I saw that picture when I picked up Kate yesterday. Too cute.