Twins Game

This past Thursday, my boss surprised a few of us with Twins tickets....pretty awesome :) It was game 3 in the new stadium, against the Boston Red Sox. It was beautiful day and the Twins won! Can't beat that for a day at the office ;)

Walking up to the stadium

Target Field :)

The Golden Glove Photo Op
Thao, Me, Michelle and Tyler

This 'wall' is the coolest thing ever. It's made up of a bunch of little metal discs that are on cables. They move in the wind and reflect the light in different angles, if that makes sense. It looks like a wall of moving clouds...you probably need to see it in person to appreciate its coolness. It's there to cover up a parking ramp. Clever people.

Trees in center field could be a little cooler, taller, or something. It was my only complaint :)
Well, and that when we got a home run the sign didn't light up and shake hands. Must be only for night games, or that you just can't see it during the day.

The Budweiser sign is nearly as big as the 'Twins' sign. No surprise.

Us again.

The wall from our seats.
I think I was the only one obsessed with the wall.

Pretty cool!!

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Amanda said...

I went to the game on Friday and thought the wall was totally cool too! When I walked around the ball park I kept running into people because I wasn't watching where I was going. I think I could live there!