connor's 3rd birthday: cake

Final post about the big birthday party. Connor LOVES cake, especially the frosting. We had a hard time keeping his fingers out of the frosting (I also forgot to mention that at Ana's birthday party he snuck a finger into her birthday cake frosting...thankfully I don't think Ana noticed :)). Then, his love for frosting combined with his love for backhoes and dump trucks got the best of him (or our table) :)

already getting a taste

and let the real fun begin...

Happy 3rd Birthday, Connor! We love you SO much (even if you make the biggest messes!)

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curtis03 Lewis said...

How amazing connor's 3rd birthday was! The balloon decoration idea is also very nice. Such simple d├ęcor is my favorite. On my daughter’s 7th birthday we also hosted a DIY party at the beachside Seattle venues and it also turned out to be a brilliant even with all the kids and family members.