connor's 3rd birthday: games

Mary put together a few games for Connor's party and they were so much fun! The first game was a treasure hunt. She hid 8 sets of toys (construction equipment for Connor and little dogs for Ashlyn) around the house with a clue to the next toy. It was so much fun to see if they would get the clue right or if they would need a little help. I didn't get all of them on camera unfortunately. Ashlyn got the clue 'what do you use to clean the carpets and it's really loud' right away! Apparently she hates it when Krystal vacuums :)

The second game was pin the bucket on the backhoe. Connor failed to participate (he was playing with his 8 new pieces of equipment from the treasure hunt). Ashlyn had fun and without cheating got the bucket on perfectly! Okay...there may have been some cheating :)

 Bryan's turn

he actually thought he was way to the left of the poster...

 Can't wait for next year's games!

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Erin C said...

How cool! What a great idea!