connor's 3rd birthday: theme + decor

You guessed it...construction. If you're disappointed that we're now going on three  years of the same theme:

a) Connor requested a 'backhoe' party
b) I was completely unprepared to do anything different (yes, I'm home during the day but had no desire to bust out a completely new theme, sorry)
c) I always do this to myself, start these little 'abc' lists, and then only have enough for a and b. Weak.

we didn't go crazy in the dining room this year, last year we did and ended up not spending any time there

I will say I loved the new addition of the cones. Saw the idea on a blog somewhere (see, at least I researched construction parties for a few new ideas).

I ordered this cake 10am the morning of the party, so quite pleased with how it turned out on such late notice. Connor loved it (as did the adults). The rocks were even edible.
If next year is yet again construction *gasp*, we'll switch it up and have a backhoe made out of cupcakes.

 Couple more cones outside. It was really windy, and rain/storms were in the forecast, otherwise I would have lined the entire driveway with cones.

Big thank you to my aunt Mary for essentially doing 100% of the decor, games, huge help with the food and of course taking all of the pictures from the day!!

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