first 'friend' birthday party

Today Connor went to his first birthday party for a friend. My boss' daughter, Ana, shares the same birthday as Connor (date and year!) and she celebrated her birthday today. There were lots of arts and crafts, trucks and cake! Connor did great, he only participated in the crafts for a little bit unfortunately (there were FAR too many trucks to play with in the living room), but he was pretty well behaved and even wore the birthday hat (even tho I didn't get a picture of it...he did, I swear). Kudos to Liwanag and Eric for hosting six 2-3 year olds (plus a few older siblings), I'm not sure I'm ready to do that quite yet, maybe we'll try it at age 4 :)

Getting ready to watch the birthday girl blow out the candles

Connor wondering what's taking so long...he's ready, fork in hand.

Second helping of cake, he eats all of the frosting first. Definitely my child.

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