downward dog

The other night we went out to my parents as my Aunt Mary and Uncle Roger (my Dad's sister) were visiting from Iowa. I unfortunately have no pictures of them, but I of course snapped one of the kids being silly and showing off their yoga moves :)

Yes, Connor's pants are far too short...accident at daycare that day and he was out of his clothes so they used some of Golden Heart's. Never know what you'll get :)

And, I bought him new shoes that he is obsessed with. Every morning, "do I get to wear my new shoes to preschool?" He was even disappointed over the weekend that he wasn't going to school...thinking he couldn't wear his new shoes that day. I'm sure this will wear off soon, but it's sure helpful when trying to get him ready in the mornings!

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Amber said...

CUTE PICS! Had so much fun spending time with the girls and boys on Sunday! Wish I would have at least gotten one pic though...just last night I found the pic when we all came down to see Connor :)