connor's 3rd birthday: random photos

Here are random photos from Connor's party! (only one birthday post to go, promise :))

taking a snooze before the party started

Grayson and Uncle Aaron

 Krystal and Kaelyn

Kaelyn and my Mom

 Grayson and Grandma Cheryl

trying out his new scooter from Loula's

 new low boy trailer set from Grandma and Grandpa Loula, he LOVES it

he's had the bike for awhile, but our 'gift' to him was the addition of training wheels

checking out the training wheels

possibly the biggest hit of the party...Aaron got him this inflatable bounce house

 Great Uncle Al and Grayson

pedal tractor from Grandma and Grandpa Bode - hard to see but Connor and Grayson's names have been personalized on it, very neat!

any day lately wouldn't be complete without a ride on the gator!


Rachel said...

Glad that Connor takes driving very seriously...haha he looks so focused on the Gator :) Can't wait to see you all!!!

Erin Barrett said...

Connor has an ipod AND a bouncy fun house?