My life in numbers.

5 - hours that Grayson slept at one time last night, longest stretch yet, too bad I was awake for two of them
6 - ounces of milk that Grayson chugged after his 5 hours...most ounces yet at a time
22.5 - average number of minutes it takes to feed, change and get Grayson back down in the middle of the night (knock on wood...this is really nice...and I'm not really keeping track of it to the minute to be able to determine an average, it's just generally 20-25 minutes)
2.4 - average number of #2 accidents Connor has daily. This is REALLY starting to frustrate Bryan and I. Mostly because we have no idea. No idea if something is wrong, or if he's just taking forever to grasp training on that front.  (again on the average thing, it's just anywhere from 1-4 times a day)
7 - number of nights a week Connor ends up in our bed. This MUST stop this week.
130 - minutes I spent pumping yesterday. Yikes. I'm 'over pumping' in an effort to increase production.
41 - ounces of milk I got in those 130 minutes. Hoping to get this in the 50-60 range. As long as Grayson doesn't start eating 6 ounces every time he eats, I can freeze about 5-15 ounces a day. 
0 - number of times I pump overnight. This might be hindering how much I get in a day, but, I guess I'm willing to take that trade off.
1 - day left of paid maternity leave (today, boo)
6 - more weeks I'll stay at home, but trying to work 10-20 hours a week (at home)
2 - walks I've been on with Grayson since he was born. Only TWO. Our weather sucks. More rain in the forecast tonight, tomorrow and rain/SNOW tomorrow night. Lame.

That's all I can think of right now :) Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

Isn't potty training just frustrating?? Keegan is STILL having a hard time grasping the #2 thing as well, it is getting better but he is still having numerous accidents throught the day/night. I am not sure what else to do!?!?
Heather Hulke

Aleta said...

50-60 ounces a day! Wow. I know I don't know what I'm talking about, but that sounds like a lot! Nice work, mama! :)