congrats Jeff & Aleta!

Saturday night we went to my friends Aleta and Jeff's wedding. The weather was a little crappy, but that didn't stop the fun :) We went with Jay and Ang, and it was SO good to hang out with them! I am 110% ready for her to come back to work... :) The bride was GORGEOUS...however, I unfortunately only have one picture from the weekend.
What is this you ask? Our good friend Sarah. She moved her chair the the middle of the dance floor, all by herself, when everyone else was seated around the perimeter of the floor...to watch the slideshow. Maybe you had to be there, but it was pretty comical.


SHarstad said...

Thanks. :) Especially with the blurred people I look like I am in my own world. I will put up regular pictures when I get a few minutes!

alnessler said...

This was the funniest thing I've ever witnessed. We love you Sarah:)
And I am 110% sure that I am not ready to come back to work but I do miss you dearly:)