growing up so fast :(

Connor is officially growing up too fast :(

They 'joked' tonight at daycare about moving him to the next room (joking as in it's coming soon)...and that made me sad. Yes, it's bound to happen but we love Infant I. I'm sure Infant II will be great...but yeah. And he's offically mobile. Now, instead of army crawling it's like he throws both hands out in front of him and just pulls himself forward, like a swimming stroke. We also lowered his crib one notch tonight. Again. Sad. But WAY better than learning the hard way that he could potentially crawl his way out. He even 'crawled' down the step in his bedroom nook tonight. I'll try and get a video tomorrow possibly. (okay, so it's more of a graceful slide/fall than an intentional crawl). Okay, enough of my rambling, especially since I have no pictures to go with this post. But I promise I'm working on some pictures to post yet tonight.

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