quite the week.


Monday: Bryan had the DU Banquet, new TV arrives
Tuesday: Bryan and I put a bunch of shelving together for the basement and I attempted to clean house
Wednesday: Mary and Al came down, more cleaning, etc. Connor up at 11, 12, 1, 2, 3:20 and 6:20
Thursday AM: Grant arrives to install the entertainment center
Thursday mid AM: Start cooking the turkey
Thursday afternoon: Eat! All the food turned out amazing and it was so great to have everyone here!
Thursday night: Say goodbye and go to sleep. Connor only up 3 times.
Friday AM: Bryan takes Connor on venture, I treadmill, take a bath and relax.
Friday afternoon: Kacie comes over, we put up our tree, shopped, ate and decorated the house. Love it!
Friday PM: Got Connor down around 8:20, I've been up there three times since. HELP!

Plans for the rest of the weekend:
Leave tomorrow at 8am for La Crosse for a wedding, we're bringing Connor to a water park!!
Rest of Saturday wedding.
Sunday, drive home to watch Vikings lose, along with our fantasy football team.

Will work on posting lots of pictures the next few days.

Hope you all had wonderful Thanksgivings!!

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