way behind

I'm way behind in blogging. Partly due to the fact that I am DONE pumping!! Why does that matter you ask? I did most if not close to all of my blogging while pumping. But, I promise to maintain the blog :)

Connor had his 6 month checkup this past Monday. Shockingly...he's only in the 58th percentile for weight. Not shockingly he's only in the 26th for height. Ha. Shorty. And with a big head. 70-something percentile. No wonder he can't 'graciously' crawl yet. He's top heavy.

Anyways, he of course got another fun round of shots (4 in his thighs and one orally) and the doctor said he's doing 'perfectly'. She was pretty surprised at how mobile he is!!

I have a ton of pictures to post, Halloween, randoms, some from our photo shoot with Mary today (but I might save those for my Christmas cards so might just have to wait!). And probably more videos.

But right now, I'm going to go take a nap! I'll post more later this evening. Oh, and a card box to post, too. Ha. As if you cared.

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Anonymous said...

SO jealous you are done pumping!!! Not sure how much longer I can keep going. I just have to keep teling myself over and over I can do it. Ah, so time consuming and restricting as to when and where you can go! Oh well.
Krista Kettner