random update.

1. Connor had his first visit to urgent care on Friday. Daycare called at 4 and said he had a temp of 103! So, we took him in only to wait over an hour, then spend another hour + waiting for the doctor, having everything look 'normal', get some prescriptions, and go home. He kind of had a fever all weekend, but seemed okay this morning and at daycare today, but was a little off tonight again. We'll see how he is in the morning.
2. I miss my friends. Angie is on maternity leave, I haven't seen Anne for what feels like weeks, I haven't seen Sarah in FAR too long but with recent text and facebook communication it might be soon that we are once again reunited in scrapbooking, I am due for a SAC lunch, I did just get to see Heidi, and normally I'd say I probably wouldn't see her again for a year, I will be seeing her in January for a scrapbooking weekend and I'm pumped about that, and yeah.
3. Have I mentioned I'm hosting Thanksgiving? Little nervous. And the brining solution I was going to buy for the turkey is no longer available. Crap. (and no, before 2 weeks ago I had NO idea hat brining meant)
4. I love, love, love volleyball, but 3 nights a week is a little much. I'm just a sub on Monday nights, and then our co-ed team play Wednesday and Friday. However, if you're looking for a good game of co-ed vball to come watch, we play in Nicollet in Friday and it should be a great matchup. 7 pm. See you there.
5. One of our new windows has condensation inbetween the panes. That's not good I don't think?
6. We laid off 31 people in my building and it makes me sick to think about.
7. Can someone explain to me why gas keeps going down? Obviously I'm not complaining, but I'm about ready to save milk jugs and store it in my garage. That's not hazardous I'm sure.
8. It's my big sales season at work so I have my online sales reporting up 24/7 at home and am checking it constantly. It's a small addiction.
9. The card box has a nice long vacation here until March. Now maybe I can get some scrapbooking done!
10. We bought a new TV off of Amazon last night. Sears wouldn't match their price, plus, no shipping and no tax. Can't beat that. Pretty excited! Plus our entertainment center should be done before Thanksgiving so my living room will be a little more presentable and baby proofed as all the cords will be hidden. Thanks Nathan for telling me that Amazon had TV's, I really had no idea.
11. Speaking of baby proofing. I'm in need. Connor can officially open drawers and doors. And I definitely have non-baby stuff (chemicals, glass bowls, etc.) in easily accessible places.
12. Connor took half of his shirt off in the middle of the night last night. Little bugger. Mom picked him up some new zip-up footie pjs tonight. Hopefully that keeps him warm when he does his yoga in the middle of the night and gets out from under the blankets.
13. I'm attempting to get Connor attached to a 'blankie'. It's not working very well. I talked to a fellow mom at volleyball tonight and she's trying to do the same with her daughter and it's also not working.
14. He is still addicted to the nuk. Which, we're fine with. We'll maybe think about taking it away at a year.
15. For the most part, he's sleeping thru the night. Which is awesome, but, you can count on it, 7 am give or take 3 minutes and he's up!
16. I'm stretching to make my list go to twenty for some reason. But I think I'm going to stop here. Have a good night and a great Tuesday. I promise to try and keep the blog updated more often again. How rude of me to expect others to do so, but not do it myself.


alnessler said...

I miss you as well but it won't be long before you see my face again. Less than 2 weeks:( Sad.

Love the school pictures! And yes, please scan in the pictures of Bryan...not just the baby one but also the senior pictures and also the one of killer in his sweet turquoise sweater outfit. I'm laughing out loud as I type.....

Anonymous said...

Let's face it, you just miss watching Sumi and the gang and feeling the burn together. Kidding. DVD or no DVD, I'm due for a visit.