wedding in la crosse

Instead of going back and starting from a week ago or so, I'm going to start with the most recent. This weekend we went to Bryan's second cousin's wedding in La Crosse. Aaron made the trek with us. La Crosse is an amazingly beautiful city and I can understand how some people love being there! I would love to spend a weekend there, looks like a ton of neat shops, beautiful river, and then I'm sure the boys could golf :)

Anyways, we decided to stay at the Best Western (VERY fond memories there as my good friend Sarah was married there 2 years ago) which has a mini water park inside. We were excited to take Connor to the pool!

As you can see, he was not so excited. Quite scared actually. However, as soon as we took him out of the pool he was obsessed about watching the park area. I think he could have sat and watched all the kids playing, sliding, swiming for hours.
My friend Sarah also came and had lunch with us after the pool. Was SO good to see her, miss her, but she's coming down for a scrap book weekend in a few weeks. I'm in need!

Then we got cleaned up from the pool and headed to the wedding. Connor did great, slept thru 90% of the ceremony, and then was pretty good at the reception. We found a little high chair which was key.

Someone at the next table had a cow bell (yes, a cow bell) and he was not sure what to think of it when the guy rang it.

"what, mom?"

We left the reception fairly early, Bryan wasn't feeling well (tail end hopefully of his fever/sickness) and it was getting close to Connor's bed time (ha, funny). On the way down my cousin Laura had said it was too bad that we would miss the Rotary lights. Ok, sure, bummer. Then my friend Sarah text me later at the reception that the lights were indeed up already and that we should go see them (right up there with what Laura had said, a 'must-see'). So, we got directions, and soon found out that it was the place to be in La Crosse at night. We had to find the end of the line a few blocks away. Riverside park is beautiful in itself, but add over 2.4 MILLION Christmas lights and a live nativity and it's pretty amazing. It was definitely worth waiting for. So, they make you turn your headlights off and you take a lap through the park. Truly amazing all of the lights! I attempted to take pictures...but they turned out terrible of course. The website doesn't really do it justice either, but at least there is a picture to give you an idea of the lights.
I have a video to post, but will do that in a separate post since they take awhile to load.
All in all, a great weekend! The driving was crappy on the way home, but the guys still managed to get us home in 3 hours.

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